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Art is meant to be shared. It is a process that incorporates every aspect of your life, every soul you come in contact with and every thing you learn. As an artist it is our duty to assimilate our experiences, our knowledge and share it in whatever way we feel appropriate with the world. We can not assume to force the knowledge of our experience complete with internal understanding on anyone else, but we can share what we have made and allow them to create their own experience that will hopefully change them in some way. I am an interdisciplinary, multimedia artist because there are too many things I want to say and too many ways to say them. Through it all, I am a story teller, a woman, a mother, a lover, a strong person, a weak person, a stalker, an obsessive compulsive, a manic depressive, a star struck fan, a jaded skeptic, a cynical bitch and a very twisted mind.
To make people look closer at their surroundings, pay attention to the things that are interesting already. This is what I think art is. Not the things all around us, but the ideas, the concepts that drive people to want to broaden someone else's sight.
My wish for my art is that it makes someone somewhere stop for a second and consider things differently. No stipulations on it, they don’t have to change or agree or even think for very long, but for a second to know that I made someone think something…different, that is all I want.


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