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Penelope by Mark Palansky

Love this movie. Ok maybe I was just tired of watching movies that did not happy endings… maybe I was int he mood for a fairytale I hadn't heard a million times, either way, I think this was a great movie. Wonderful visuals, great acting, good story. it was well done and had all the elements that a good fairytale has. It made me think… I haven't given my protagonist enough depth, not to mention I think I hate my story. Rewriting it completely will change everything.. is that ok? Not the point, though christina ricci was wonderful and her character was everything you want a fairytale princess to be, the character max/johnny had so much more depth to him I felt that my male character is lacking.

The Fountain by director Darren Aronofsky

I watched the Fountain for the spiritual aspect of the movie. The ideas behind reincarnation, living forever, the rebirthing place… the love story was less than stellar, and High Jackman was rather week i this role. The aspects of spirituality however were beautiful in their detail and ironic nature.

Swimfan directed by John Polson written by Charles F. Bohl &
Phillip Schneider

A newer, younger version of Fatal attraction, this movie deals with obsession with another person to the point of murder. As many of these movies are, it was kinda campy at times and lacking in detail about certain aspects. It was obsession in concentrate, dilute before using. I jokingly refer to Madison Bell as my new heroine, but it is the similarities between myself and these overwhelmingly disturbed characters that prompts much of my work at time. THe ability to COMPLETELY loose yourself in your own reality, the knowledge that you ARE right about the situation and they need only admit that. Its a certain insanity, but also a freeing experience to have absolute certainity about your world (even if it is wrong.) I think the example of swimfan and Fatal Attraction are extreme examples, but I would not doubt the validity of the stories as purely false.

Valley of the dolls directed by Mark Robson, writen by Jacqueline Susann (novel)
Helen Deutsch (screenplay)

Speaking of personal obsessions, this movie has so many "coincidences" it was almost scary… Jenifer and Tony… My own personal obsessions other name and my other name, the directors name so amazingly close to his, and of course the general drug usage, sex for money, lost love… This was an amazing movie without the correlations to my own life… Of course I'm not famous, have never struggled through that situation, but I think this movie can be related to without the stardom. Unlike the other movies I've watched lately this one was well thought out, well written, well directed… They just don't make movies like this anymore… I lost count of the number of famous artworks I saw in the movie. Jennifers character in particular was very strong for me, though she didn't star as much as the others. Her own personal hell of mother, sister-in-law, sick husband, and unable to live the life she truly wanted. I felt her pain more so than the others, but the view of addiction from the different characters was a great way to approach a similar situation from different points of view. The different paths that they followed are the three most typical paths of addiction, but even in the "Good" outcome there was a loss there that was very deep. I would like to find an account of addiction that isn't completely negative. There has go to be a way to view addiction not as a negative part of someone life but as a characteristic. This needs more thought.



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