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Area(s) of Study:
sex history

1. What creative work have you done this semester and how have you documented it? Have you learned new skills, media, concepts, etc., in the process? Has any of this been experimental? If so, what were you attempting, and what have you learned through this work?

Creative works I have created include abstract paintings, ink and pencil drawings, video essays, video poems, digital art, landscape photography, portrait photography and I have documented all work bu either video or photograph and posted them on my wiki page. I learned several new digital art techniques as well as advanced video editing and green screen usage. I did my first abstract paintings this semester, made my first puppet and my first hand drawn and paper cut out animations. The animations and the paintings were experimental for me. I had never let myself work in a loose fashion while painting and I felt that it added an extra layer to my work that was not there before. While experimenting with animation I was looking for ways to create more depth and character with the animation. I've learned that animation is more in depth than I understood and feel that I have a better understanding of how to create the work I have planned int he future.

2. What intellectual research and study have you engaged in this semester (i.e., what authors have you read, artists studied, music listened to, dance or theatre attended, etc.)? What other areas of inquiry have you pursued? What would you say are the learning outcomes of this research? Please attach an annotated bibliography.

My main two areas of study were the history of sex in civilization and art and the history of film and video, especially experimental video. Some of the video artists I looked at were Su Friedrich, Sadie Bennings, Bill Viola, nd several newer artists who have only posted to the web as of yet. I also looked to bigger film makers to compare and contrast the information given the techniques used and other such information. I also did a good deal on the nature of art in which I studied Ayn Rand as well as Tolstoy and some other writers as well. As for my studies in sex I looked to anthropological works as well as art historians. The BBC series Pornography, the Secret History of Civilisation would a wonderful time line piece that started with Pompeii and went up through current works. I have learned a great deal from my studies this semester. It has broadened my ideas on art as well as sociology and ancient civilisation. I did a bit of work on Poetic terrorism and Anarchy, but it was minimal.

3. Online group discussion. If you were part of a group discussion, describe your participation and contribution, what were the main ideas, topics or readings discussed and how this contributed to your own artistic and intellectual development.

I did not contribute much to the group. I occasionally posted about situations. My group helped me out when I had to find a name for my practicum. We discussed the nature of abstraction and non-objective art. We kept up to date on what each other was doing. The discussions I anticipated in created another avenue of thought for my work which was interesting. I also started my own discussion on Facebook with other fellow Goddard Students who are not in my group.

4. If you engaged in a Practicum this semester describe it briefly (where, when, what, who) and summarize the chief learning and insights from this project. If the practicum will be continuing or there is more work to complete for it, please indicate. (You will also write a full Practicum Report for your final Portfolio.)

My practicum has been postponed till next semester

5. What products have emerged from this semester? Will any of those contribute toward your Portfolio and degree criteria requirements?

I believe several of the works I have done will be directly involved in my portfolio and many of them were practice work in order to be ready for some of the ideas I have. The video and animation work especially will work toward my end goal of a video animation presentation and my writings as well as photographs and paintings will be directly in my portfolio.

6. What resources, including bibliography, did you use this semester? Attach a separate Resource List.

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364. Viola, Bill, Sellars, Peter, Walsh, John, Belting, Hans and J. Paul Getty Museum. Bill Viola : the passions 2003

7. How has your work this semester affected your art practice and how you see yourself as an artist?

I feel that I am finally able to define my artistic practise more fully and articulate it better. I feel more confident in myself as an artist and I feel more confident in not only my artistic work but my research and written work as well. I feel that I have more ability to defend my work if attacked and a better understanding of what is needed to create art.

8. How do you see yourself progressing towards degree criteria, including developing a sense of context for your work, an understanding of the nature of art, and ability to engage in discourse?

I spent a lot of time thinking about the nature of art and my art in context to that. I feel confident that I understand and have my own definitions about what art is, what it does and what my place is in it. I feel that I am able to discuss my work in this context and other work as well. I feel that everything I am doing is working toward my degree criteria.

9. Overall, what were your goals for this semester and how well do you think you met them? What do you see as your strengths of this semester? What areas, skills, etc., do you need to continue to work on?

My main goals were to feel more confident about my art, to reclaim it and try to hold on to it. My strengths this semester have been my rigorous exploration and research into new topics. My reflections upon my self an my own work as well as my articulation in explaining those reflections. I feel that I could improve upon my writing still as well as time management and stress management. I need more work in video especially in dealing with green screen, and I especially need to work on my skills in animation.

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