Format for an annotation-

Summerize in two or three setesces what the main mesage of the text is… what is the thesis?

What are the main points the author makes?

What are the themes and sub-themes?

Wht assumptions, values, attitudes are associated with these themes?

What are the limitations of this book?

Exmple- The book chronicles the development of ___ The author starts with _ and goes on to ___ She concludes with __ I found her message to be ___.

Questions to answer in an annotation-

#1 WHo is the writer? Cultural, sex, background

#2 From what particular experiences or studies does the writer get his/her knowledge?

#3 Is the writer identified with a recognizable movement?

#4 What is the autors general posistion regarding the text, biases, prejudices, opinions?

#5 How and what does this text contribute it’s filed and audience?

#6 Who reads this book and why?

#7 WHat are the main points the author makes, most significant?

#8 What in the writing indicates what the authors wants you to believe think feel?

#9 What events, words, phrases, statements, charcters, settings, etc contribute to where the author wants you to land?

#10 To whom is the author speaking?

#11 What background information is or isn’t provided?

#12 WHo is the text for?

#13 What does the book accomplish is it what I expected?

#14 What about the work is important to me?

#15 How does the work inspire or excite me or frustrate?

#16 What did the text contribute to your thinking studies life in general?

#17 WHat questions and issues were raised for you?

#18 What general and specific emotional and intellectual baggage biases strong opinions and related ecperiences do you bring to you reading of this text?

#19 How does that effect what you were ad weren’t able to see and hear?

#20 How might others with diferent backgrounds and experiences respond to this text?

#21 What might you or others be mistaken or biased or opinionated about in responding to this text?

Example: THis text enrage me because__ But it also made realize that __ and I see now that because I experiences __ I might see __ and not see __ in this teext, but others who have one ___ might see ____.

#22 What are the most remarkable or potentially controversial or questionable conclusions or ideas in this text? (This book challenges _ because __.)

#23 Is the authors rationale convincing? (strong and weak)

#24 What arguments might be made against this text by others?

#25 How would it hold up to such arguments?

#26 What’s missing? (What SHOULD HAVE been there?)

#27 How this book ve read from the perspective of another discipline?

#28 Explore one way this book is valuable?

#29 How is the ext constructed?

#30 What kind of language does the author use?


The book__ Was significant to ___ and still contributes__etc.

  • Use quotes and paraphrase

*Authors and text full name in first paragraph

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