New Worlds largest gangbang
To follow up on Annabelle Chongs first, here is the newest in what is becoming a long line of followers. The line in order to get a piece of these followers is even longer… 1001 men to participate in the longest ever shoot.

Pin up and burlesque art show in Ca. Would love to go to this and learn more and see it first hand.

Something funny to add to the porn information. A flow chart on videos.

Story of a girl Who tried prostitution to make her way through college. Another "good" prostitute story.

Hedonism is looking better and better

Article on sexual morality

I've stated before that my problem isn't with prostitutes and hustlers, but rather the people who pay for their services. THis is an article on why men buy sex.

Porn stars crossing over into other movies.

Anna farris to play deep throat in new film

Faq's on strippers

amazing website work by Cam De Leon

love finding these

how to

My video combo idea fleshed out… I thought I would be the first, but I never am. Oh well.

Computer sex survey


PROSTITUTES in art (8/15/08)

Video Camera Techniques (8/13/08)

Directors (8/13/08)

Japan (4/20/08)

Dolls (3/16/08)

Artists (3/5/08)

Odalisques (2/25/08)


Stop motion animation

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