OK these are the images for the photoshoot with Mitchell in which he takes the place of the girl.

136333294_6f1b9aba68.jpg 01-213x300.jpg 2483451133_974d090058_o.jpg pinups-1.jpg KBS-elvgren-016-LG.jpg need to make an apron for these pin-ups-can-t-hang-pictures-61088180 1181stoolpigeonposters.jpg vargas01a-big.jpg TilePinUps.jpg I have gone past feminist to something else, a place where I objecify men… I reverse the roles onthem… it will end up biting me in the ass one day. pin-ups.jpg the maid! pinups-6550.jpg Ok I think that's enough. If I can't get ideas from all these then I don't need to be doing this.

Ok one more causwe this will be funny on a personal level quickchangeartist.jpg


ok so there is more to this picture. There is a bottom half to the girl which shows her underwear around her ankles. THere was something very inspiring about this image. Espcially when it was split in two

OMG am totally in LOVE with Hack/Slash


Getting this, bomb queen, empowered and the pro. These will all be part of next paclet work, but totally IN LOVE!!



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