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Step 1- Learn the basic process
I have found 10 sites that have online submission procedures for galleries. Any others I need to call… rather than trying to do so many galleries, which is wasting all my time I"m going to focus on finding a total of 10 galleries within a 50 mile radius that I can interact with. 6 online and 4 other. I have decided that I will focus on galleries rather than just any space, in order to simplify a bit. I do realize these are harder to get work into, but the point of this is to learn to interact in the art world. I've decided for the local area, direct contacts I will work through art councils in the hopes that I will be able to make more contacts and get more information. I am in hopes that the councils will help with finding a space that's right for me. With the exception of the Cameron art gallery, which I have already had some contact with.
Local Art's councils/galleries

1.- Lagrange arts center, La Grange

Lenoir County
La Grange Arts Council
Kent Denton, Chairman
PO Box 8
La Grange, NC 28551-0008
Phone: 252/566-9616

2.- Wayne county arts center, Goldsboro

Wayne County
Arts Council of Wayne County
Sarah Merritt, Executive Director
2406 E Ash St
Goldsboro, NC 27534
Phone: 919/736-3300
Fax: 919/736-3335
E-mail: gro.enyawnistra|haras#gro.enyawnistra|haras
Web Site:

3.- Cameron Art gallery, Wilmington

3201 South 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28412
Phone: 910.395.5999
Fax: 910.395.5030

4.- Arts council of Fayetteville, Fayetteville

Cumberland County
Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County
Deborah Martin-Mintz, Executive Director
PO Box 318
Fayetteville, NC 28302-0318
Phone: 910/323-1776
Fax: 910/323-1727
E-mail: moc.licnuocstraeht|mharobed#moc.licnuocstraeht|mharobed
Web Site:

5.- Duplin County Arts Council, Kenansville

Phone: (910) 296-2181
Fax: (910) 275-0028
Mailing Address: PO Box 965, Kenansville, NC 28349
Location: 114 E. Hill St., Kenansville, NC 28349
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
E-mail: ro.msiruotnilpud|ruot#ro.msiruotnilpud|ruot

6.- Emerge Gallery Art Center, Greenville

Pitt County
Emerge Gallery Art Center
Holly Garriott, Executive Director
404 S Evans St
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252/551-6947
Fax: 252/551-5530
E-mail: moc.yrellagegreme|ylloH#moc.yrellagegreme|ylloH
Web Site:

For the following six online submission places I tried to find galleries that housed the kinds of work that I do. I did not stay within the 50 mile radius as most of the online submission places are not in this area.

1. waterworks visual arts center In salisbury, this spaces has an installation room and shows modern mixed media pieces. I think it would be a good fit depending on what I wanted to show.


The Waterworks Visual Arts Center, Salisbury, North Carolina exhibits contemporary fine art and craft by professional artists.

Submission deadlines: Jan 30, and Sept 30 of each year. Submissions are reviewed within a 60-day period following these deadlines. We welcome submissions from trained artists with credentials and require that submissions include the following information:

• A current resumé detailing education, grants, fellowships, awards, teaching positions, gallery affiliations, major exhibitions and collections.

• An artist statement related specifically to the body of work submitted. The statement should discuss the source and nature of influences, research and inspiration that shape your work in terms of media, technique, and concepts.

• 10 to 20 slides or digital images of current work that is available to be exhibited. The slides must also have a related ID sheet listing medium, size, date and retail price, and a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough and with adequate postage for the return of materials.

• We make every effort to safeguard submitted materials but we cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

• Slide/CD reviews are scheduled two times each year. Submissions should be sent to the attention of “Exhibitions Assistant.” A letter or postcard acknowledging receipt of your packet will be mailed within twenty one days and materials will be returned as soon as possible. Most exhibitions are planned approximately 12-15 months in advance to give artists ample time to prepare.

Questions? E-mail: gro.skrowretaw|snoitibihxe#gro.skrowretaw|snoitibihxe

2. Theater Arts Gallery in High point works with emerging artists and outlines exactly what they offer their artists who exhibit with them. The works seem to be mostly modern and abstract.

TAG offers exhibiting artists:
A public opening reception
Printing and mailing of exhibition invitation
Insurance on works exhibited

To apply we suggest:
Submit 10-12 slides or digital images of work completed in the last 2 years. Images must be labeled with name, media and size with an accompanying list. Slides or digital images are preferred, but copies of photos are acceptable.
A current resume and artist's statement.
A self-addressed, adequately stamped mailer for the return of your slides.

3. The Light Factory in Charlotte specializes in film and photography.

Exhibition Submission Guidelines

Coming Soon - map of our main gallery, the Knight Gallery

Click here for a map of the Middleton McMillan Gallery

The Light Factory welcomes submissions on an ongoing basis. Our Artistic Director, in conjunction with our Exhibitions Committee, make all of the curatorial decisions. We pride ourselves on creating exhibits that are challenging and informative while only exhibiting artists of exceptional skill and craft. This often combines artists of international, national, and regional acclaim. The Light Factory is also dedicated to raising the career of artists with the inclusion of emerging artists amidst mid-career and world-renowned experts in all realms of light generated media.

Please send the following information to the address listed below:
• CD of low-resolution images or slides
• Artists’ statement
• Resume
• Any support material

Attn:Dennis Kiel
Artistic Director
The Light Factory
345 North College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Please note the following
• We schedule our exhibitions two years in advance
• Our process for review is yearly
• Works can be held for future consideration
• No follow up calls are necessary
• If you would like your materials returned include a SASE

4.Hartwitzen Gallery in Charlotte is actually an artists rental space. So if I managed to ever get a grant I could rent this space if need be.

I will email Grace-Anne Alfiero, who has a lot of experience in getting shows and grants, Marylin Freeman who is a video artist and I thought could possibly give me more information in that arena and Micheal Robinson who does some work similar to mine and has had some exhibitions of his own. Following are a list of questions that I will ask them.
- What kind of exhibitions have you done? (Single work, installations, etc.)
- What type of spaces did you choose to show in?
- How did you find the space you chose to work in?
- How did you go about networking in order to integrate yourself in your art community?
- How did you market your work to the space you chose?
- Did you send images of general work or the work you planned on exhibiting?
- Did you meet in person, talk on the phone, or have email correspondence with the space?
- Do you change your images/statement/etc, depending on the gallery/space?
- Could you send me an example of a proposal you have done in the past?

The following are questions that I plan to ask the gallery, if you know of anything else I should ask or say, please let me know.
- How do I submit work to your gallery?
- How far in advance do you book shows?
- Do you have set dimensions for artwork?
- Do you offer any advertising?

Example Email
I am working on my practicum at this time and am trying to learn to interact in my art community. I have only ever had one or two works hanging in juried shows before and am interested in creating an installation or having a larger show. I know some of your work and was wondering if you would answer a few questions for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I think my email to Marylin will be a little different. I know she has her own film company and may not exhibit. I really just want to know more about how to exhibit art movies from her nd if she has ever had an exhibition.

I have emailed everyone. I did not include the questions, just asked them if they would help first. If they agree I will send the questions along then.

Marilyn and Micheal have both responded int he affirmative. I have sent along the questions to them.

Several of the galleries can be contacted through email. Following is the email that I will send as my initial contact to various galleries.

Tips for submitting

Tips on Submitting Work Samples to Museums and Galleries

These tips are provided by the North Carolina Arts Council's Visual Arts Program Area, go to for more information.

Most visual artists would like to exhibit their work. North Carolina is fortunate to have a number of venues across the state, but finding appropriate spaces for your work and persuading them to show it can be daunting. Many guilds and artist organizations offer opportunities for their members to exhibit. Other spaces organize juried shows to attract work from a certain region or address a theme or range of media (see Juried Competitions). Some visual arts organizations issue calls for slides annually or at defined intervals to determine candidates for their upcoming schedule of exhibitions. These opportunities are usually publicized on their web sites, with preferred methods for submission spelled out.

Most organizations, however, have a less formalized procedure for considering work. If you plan to submit unsolicited slides or digital images to a museum or gallery for review, consider the following:

* Research the organizations you want to approach. Visit the gallery, or at least the web site, so you know the kinds of exhibitions they mount. Craft museums are probably not interested in pastels; galleries devoted to nature art may not be drawn to installations. The more you know, the better able you'll be to make an effective presentation.
* If possible, find the appropriate contact (the curator, program director, or executive director) for your submission. If the gallery's procedures for slide review are not posted on its web site, call or e-mail the curator. He or she is usually happy to provide guidance because it saves time in the long run.
* Always ask before submitting digital images by email. While some may welcome this approach, other curators may not be open to email submissions; they may prefer CDs or slides. If they cannot respond immediately, they have to save your data and digital images take up a formidable amount of space on hard drives or email servers. Curators, like the rest of us, have different comfort levels with technology. You are best served by presenting your materials in the form that will be most convenient for your recipient.
* Do not expect a quick reply. If you do, you will be disappointed. Mark your calendar three months out and contact them then, politely, to ask when you might expect to hear from them.
* Always include a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SASE). This does not guarantee you will get your slides back, but it increases the probability. A stamped return post card gives the gallery an easy way to acknowledge receipt of your package.

Finally, and somewhat redundantly, always be polite. More than just securing an exhibition opportunity, you are trying to build a relationship. The odds are, with any given submission to a gallery, that it won't result immediately, or perhaps ever, in a show for you there. But you have succeeded in exposing your work to the curator; he or she should now be on your mail and e-mail list for news about shows you're having at other spaces. And curators do talk to one another. The overture you make to one gallery may lead to an opportunity at another, unexpected venue. A rejection is only personal or final if you take it that way. It may in fact be the beginning of something quite positive.

Sites for NC galleries that accept submissions via website information


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