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WHy do I like red?
According to This site
Red is a versatile color that can symbolize everything from passionate love to violent warfare and conflict. Red displays both psychological and physical influences. Studies have shown that seeing the color red can speed up breathing and heart rate because it can be a tense and aggressive color.

I had a dance teacher thst didn't allow us to wear red at any time in her class.

The other colors I tend toward are grey and black.

Gray gets its basis from Mother Nature. In the outdoors, everything gray is permanent such as gravel, rocks, and stone.

Traditionally, black has a bad reputation. It’s the required color for movie villains and comic book criminals. It’s also deals with mourning, death, darkness, and fear.

The colors I will typically stay away from are pink and yellow (THough yellow shows up in some of my art, I don't think pink ever does)
Yellow has shown to improves concentration which explains the Post-It notes. It’s also the color of friendship.
Pink is soft and delicate, however it lacks passion. It may also have a calming, soothing effect.

All of these color "meaning" are based on social guidelines tht tell us these colors mean these things. WOuld pink be feminine if it hadn't been chosen as the color for little girls? The color can't be feminine, it has no sex!

I think I like red because red is the color of life, of blood, of sex… It's around us and inside of us, it's powerful and when I lose my eyes in the sun I see red. Red is life.

How do I capture the thoughts I have, like life not being real, being stuck in a coma, the interconnectedness of life, and turn them into art?



Portrait artist and colleague-


How can my artmaking help me solve the problems in my life?

I have struggled through this question for so long, but I realize now that I am approaching it from the wrong perspective. I was trying to find some major way in which art could fix my life rather than answering the simpler question of solving a problem. I'm not certain if I truly understand this question yet. But some ways that art helps me through my day.
I can not sit still for too long without anything to do (meetings, classes, etc) or I will drift off and zone out. Not only do I feel completely fuddled afterwards but evidently it contributes to my "brain" issues as well. So I use art to keep me focused and alert. I stay more present if I am drawing rather than staring blankly at the person talking and pretending to listen. It's not that the person isn't saying anything interesting, hell Henry Rollins could be leading the meeting in his usual verbose way and I would zone out… granted it would be more because I was thinking about him, that's beside the point. Also, my art keeps me busy. if I am stranded, car trouble, airport, wrong turn in the woods, My art keeps me busy so my anxiety ridden head does not fill with "worst case scenarios." When I need to meditate and am unable to get to a quiet place (Which is quite often) I find that I can create a meditation in my drawings. Brian and I both use it for this, working though issues, calming down, clearing out the cobwebs. I have alsways used my art as a way to release or work through misery, so much so that it feels like my art is all about misery.

How does your art improve your life? How is it integrated into your life?

How can your job nourish you and help you meet your larger goals?

Is conceptual art destructive in it's own right?

What is my eventual goal?

What is my art practice?

What is reading like for you? How do you experience the process between reading, thinking, writing…making art?

What does it mean to express oneself? what does it mean to “say” something with our art? What does it mean to “engage” an audience?

What if you art is nothing but the conversation?

How do you develop a practice if you've never had one?


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