Sex questionnaire

This is a REALLY personal questionnaire. It is for a grad school project I am working on. If you would like to take the quiz to help me (Please please) I will not put your name with any of the information. You can send the answers to me privately or add them to the blog comments, whichever you are more comfortable with. The information will be used in an essay and art piece on sex and pornography. Feel free to offer short one word answers, or to elaborate on your answers. Some questions are vague, interpret them how you see fit. Lets get started!

Personal information:

What is your age?

What social group (if any) do you categorize yourself as?

What social group do others categorize you as?

What political group (if any) do you identify with?

What religion (If any) do you identify with?

How would you describe your physical appearance?

Do others describe you the same way?

Do you compare yourself to media images?

What sexual orientation do you recognize yourself as?

What gender (Or transgender) do you recognize yourself as?

What gender (Or transgender) do/would you prefer to have sex with?

What age group (if any) do you prefer to have sex with?

SEX QUESTIONS: (if you haven't had sex yet, read these as "would you")

Do you feel that sex should be private?

Does sex for you have emotional attachments?

What is your personal definition of sex?

Have you ever had sex?

Have you ever had sex with someone who is not of your preferred gender?

Have you ever had sex with more than one person?

Have you ever had sex that would be considered illegal in your country?

Have you ever had sex with a stranger?

Have you ever been paid for sex or sexual favors?

Would you ever consider prostitution/hustling as a means for money?

Have you ever paid for sex? (if no, would you?)

Do you think prostitutes/hustlers should have the right to work?

Do you think prostitution/hustling should be legal?

Do you think more or less people would use prostitutes/hustlers if they were legal?


Have you ever masturbated? (if no, would you?)

Would/have you masturbate(d) for money?

Would/have you masturbate(d) on camera? (webcams included)

Have you ever been to a strip (or burlesque) club? (if no, would you?)

Do you think strippers have a right to work?

Have/would you be a stripper?

Do you think strip clubs are useful in our society?

Have you ever been to a sex shop? (if no, would you?)

Do you think sex shops should be banned?

Do you think sex shops are useful? if yes in what way?

Have you ever seen other people having sex (not porn)?

Do you think sex education should be abstinence only?

If a child asked you what sex was, what would you tell them?

PORNOGRAPHY: (if you've never seen porn answer as "would you")

What is your definition of porn?

What is your opinon of porn?

Would you consider artistic nudes (paintings and sculptures) as porn?

Where would YOU draw the line for porn?

Have you ever seen a porn magazine?

Have you ever seen a porn video?

Have you ever viewed porn online?

Would you ever consider porn as a job for yourself?

Do you know any of these terms? (if so which ones) Fluffer, d-ped, rim job, tea bag, acorn, bacon bomb doors, quief, skeet, cunnilingus, fellatio, dirty sanchez, cupids alley

Do you think porn should be censored?

Do you think 18 is the right age for porn viewing?

Do you think porn has any educational value?

Do you think porn workers have a right to work?

What is your preferred viewing porn material?

Have you ever been to offers free porn to people over the age of 18, and they can upload their own personal videos if they want. Would you go to knowing this?

Do you think porn should be made by big studios using industry standard stars or by the everyday people that view it?

Do you think that the use of "normal" people in porns could result in a sexual revolution that effects the general media?

When you consider porn "Stars" (Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, etc.) do you think of them as average people, movie stars, athletes or something else?

If you could make a porno (big budget) what would you change about them?

Would/have you video yourself in a sexual situation and upload it to the internet?

In ancient Greece, citizens decorated their houses with paintings of people having sex and considered the penis to be a protective symbol which they displayed openly in front of everyone regardless of age or sex. Does this information effect your opinion of sexual images, ancient Greece, or yourself?

The tern pornography, in the sense that we know it today, was not invented until the victorian era. The word was used to censor "potentially damaging images" that the ruling class believed would incense the working class to become more "animalistic." Does this information change your opinion of pornography, the victorian era, or sex?

If you have made it this far, thank you, one last question. Did this survey make you uncomfortable, angry, or upset in anyway?

That's the end, I really appreciate it if you took this and answered honestly. I won't use your name or even screen name in anything, and I won't share any answers.

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