Still Images


Work in progress


This needs something, but I"m unsure what it needs. It feels incomplete, I'm not sure where I was going with it.

"You have the ability to sense and know a Higher truth"


This painting, using what seem to be my signature colors is a contradiction. The fortune says "you have the ability to sense and know a higher truth" but the painting is a showcase for the complete and utter confusion feel about everything in my life. Even if I feel that I do know a high truth it is almost always wrong. The painting is the emotional pain I put myself through. I don't have any reason why I do it. But it is a continuous thing. The fortune is one of many that I have been collecting for years. This one just happened to be on the floor when I was walking by.

Fear before sublime


I'm amazed we woke up and weren't involved in a gruesome murder, torture session or ritual killings (Redone)

A fear of the sun not coming up
A fear of the night not ending
A need to know that things end
You can survive anything
As long as there is an ending
But what if the torture never ends

The tight spiral of fear in between my spine and my pelvis
With tendrils that reach out to my hips
Does not uncurl
As the fat gray light of morning
Squeezes through the blinds
It's still too dark at 7:09am
The sun has been stolen
Just as I feared

With my back pressed into the bed
I stare at the dark doorway
Waiting for something to come through at 3:33am
The slightest sound and I'm a startled rabbit
The visions of horror dance through my head
But it's only the cat

The spiral loosens with the air brakes
Whatever it is that inhabits my head
Watching the gray light turn brighter
The sun has not been stolen this night

I imagined this piece much larger, but lack of funds stopped that from happening. While driving in a very fearful part of the woods, close to a military installation, my friends and I came up over a hill to see the grass on fire in a pine forest. There was a small lake at the bottom of the hill that reflected it back. The moment as it washed over me began with fear which fed this feeling of numbness and overwhelming beauty. I haven't tried to capture the scene, but the energy and the feeling of the scene.



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