The day she died

I got a phone call from Miranda. That in itself was shocking enough being that we hadn’t talked in three years, but then she told me J was missing. I felt my stomach knot at the mention of her. We had just recently become friends again, and only wednesday she had sent me an email about how she couldn’t be friends with me anymore if I wasn’t going to be there for her when she needed me. I hadn’t responded, I didn’t know what to say. Wasn’t the fact that I had made contact after three years enough to prove I wanted to be friends?
“What do you mean shes missing?”
“Missing, disappeared, vanished… No one knows where she is.”
“Where are the kids?”
“At home, Mitchell was the closest person to them so he’s on his way.” I despise Mitchell, he’s an ignorant redneck and I could never unstand why J had anything to do with him, much less live with him for 2 years. “So are you coming?” I wasn’t listening and must have missed something.
“Are you coming? We have to go talk to her family, see if they know anything.”
“Miranda they hate me, like really, really hate me.”
“Yeah, well, they’ll deal. You know J better than anyone. If anyone is going to find her it will be you.” Flattery, Miranda must be desperate, she doesn’t like me much more than J’s parents.

I was driving along thinking about Mark, I’m always thinking about mark then felt something and hadto pull off on the side of the road. I had a flat tire. Normally I would just call Mitchell and ask him to come save me… but we had broken up a week before and not on good terms. SO I got out to fix it myself. I grabbed the butterfly knife from the console, I don’t even know why I did it. When I got out I felt someone move up behind me. Without thinking I swung the blade out and slashed. I must have caught him, cause I heard a pained noise. Then I felt something hit me in the back, so I swung out again, and heard a little yelp, must not have gotten very deep. The little cuts make you yelp, the big ones grunt. Then It was like my head exploded and nighttime rose up from my skull and as usual my last thought was about Mark.

Car jackers
We watched her for a week, to be sure we would get her. She drove by herself, usually there weren’t any other people on the roads when she came by. We thought it would be easy. I ended up needing stitches thanks to that bitch. We had our fun though, we got her back… and front. We got her car, her laptop, her purse, and we fucked her everyway we could. That’s what she gets for cutting us.

When I looked ta my phone and saw that it was the kids I almost didn’t answer. It hurt to think of them, much less hear their voices. I might break down if it was willow. Of course it was Miki though and he was freaking out so much I could barely understand him. I finally got him to calm down enough to tell me that his mom wasn’t home. I looked out the bay doors, it was well past time for her to be home. Even if her school had a staff meeting she’d be hom by now, it was dark. I left work and went to the kids. The girls were fine… Willow was cooking dinner and Kessy was watching TV. Miki, however was not alright. Turns out he had every reason to be upset. I called Miranda and Brain first to ask if they had heard from her. Theyboth said the same thing, not since yesterday. I called J’s mom, but there was no answer, so I called the cops.

When we got the phone call, we told the young man that someone has to be missing for 48 hours before we declare them missing. When he explained the situation however, I decided to look into myself. I called her principal and turns out she had left work at 2:30 to head home. Problme was no one knew her exact route. One tacher was able to offer information that she did go down tear shirt road, but after that, she wasn’t sure. I decided to go ahead and submit this as a missing person. I know there are moms out there who just abandon their kids, but my gut told me this was not one of them. The truck was spotted headed to raliegh and it was not being driven by a woman.

I was out for my evening walk. I lvoe the way the swamp looks when the sun is going down. I had seen the cops out here earlier, but I thought nothing of it. as I was walking I looked down and saw a badge. it was a cops, but a teachers badge for warsaw elementary school. It showed a female teacher with long hair named Jennifer Love. For some strnage reason I kept it. It felt like it was lost and needed to be found. When I returned home I showed my husband. THe look on his face was pure shock.
“A woman went missing yesterday bu tht name. Her car, and all her valuables int he car were stolen, but she is no where to be found. Where did you find it?”

When I got the phone call from the Johnsons saying they found Ms. Loves name tag, I went out myself. Mrs. Johnson took me to the place where she found it and in the tall grass beside the road I found severalmore items that looked as if they had been on the car, or in the car. THe theives had been careful to remove all the traces of the owner from the vehicle. I had another of those gut instincts and looked out into the water. I picked up my cell and called the paramedics, we were going to need and ambulance.

When she was brought in we were certain she was dead. Whatever had hit her in the back of the head had crushed part of her skull. She had been lying in swamp water for two days and it had gotten below freezing. Some how miraculously her heart was still beating and her brain was still registering and her lungs were still working. She was in a coma, but she was alive.

The doctor had all of us together in one room, everyone but the kids. THey had been left outside in the lobby with the television and stale donuts. The doctors told us that she was awake but that she had forgotten everything. She didn’t understand language, she didn’t remember her name, or how to do anything. But she was awake and they wanted to see if she would remember anyone.

The doctors began bringing in people. One after the other. They didn’t look real, they looked like dolls or robots. THe first was an older lady, then an old man. THey both looked at me as if I had an answer, but I didn’t even know the question. Then more people came in. A tall man with long hair, a short girl with pretty eyes, another guy who was rather unremarkable looking, tall thin teen with blonde hair. They all looked expectantly at me, but I did not know them and they scared me a little. The door opened one more time. And a guy, not very tall, with dark hair and smokey eyes snuck in. He didn’t look at me like I had the answer, he looked at me like I was the question and I knew he was the answer. I knew the face. even when I was in the darkness I had seen it. when I opened my eyes for the first time today I could still see it. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I reached my hand out wanting him to come to me. He stepped forward and took my hand. A feeling of bliss rolled from his hand to mine. I touched his face and his hair and knew, beyond a doubt, that there was a scar on his shoulder. I touched him there and he smiled. The door opened again, and angry upset voices, voices of children came in before they did. Three children, a tall boy and two small girls came in the room and though I did not know their names, I knew they were mine. I help my hand out to them as well. They ran to the man and I and we all held each other and they cried. I did not know why, but they cried and I just held them and he held me.

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