Adult Fairy Tale


civilazation destroys itself and the survivers are left to forage and survive on their own in a dystopian society with no electricity, government, society or community.

Everyone is this new world has forgotten everything,. They do not know their names,their history anything. The power of a name becomes very important

Pauline is a single mom of three. Her three children have been adversely affected by the “new world” and are still small and unable to care for themselves. Small as in impossibly small, she carries them around with her where ever she goes.

She is content in her solitary life. She hunts and gathers food for herself and her children, she steals clothes and books from where ever she finds them and devours knowledge on anything and teaches it to the kami (children) SHe is profoundly distrustful of anything and anyone and any situation. She avoids others at all costs and has sequestered herself in a small abandoned area. The town is void of all life except small mammals, some plants and her.

There is an abandoned factory in which she resides on the top floor. Inside the factory there is a library probably from the previous owner. She reads anything she can get her hands on and occasionally will make trips to find more books.

A man stumbles into her town and rather than shoot him, like she would normally do, she takes him in. WHY???????

He is handsome and whole and seems human, though badly scarred. Pauline names him raven after the story the raven, which she just read. They live together and begin forming a family unit. The kamie begin growing and become happier and somewhat self reliant. Thanks to ravens powers

The raven leaves. Pauline wakes up one day and he is just gone. Unable to understand what has happened she does what she never thought she’d do and takes off on ajourney throught the world to find him. In her quest she meets many people, of every kind. SOme help her and some make her unhappy, but she plows on looking fort he happiness that she believes raven holds.

In the course of the journel she rediscovers family and community and human interaction, both good and bad. She realizes that she is her own protagonist, that raven is not the bad guy, and the people who have hurt her are not either. She must overcome her own boundaries in order to be happy.

… not sure about this part

She is given gifts as she meets people along the way, some “too good to be true” and some tht are actually helpful. Pauline is unable to distinguisht he good from the bad and carries all of them with her. The climax occurs when She meets Raven and during their interaction he takes her backpack from her and empties it of everything other than what she needs. She then realizes that she had been creating her own burdens the entire time.


We never knew who did it, or how, or if they are still alive anymore. We just knew that the world was going insane so we ran away. It was suppose to be a time of hope, but as government, civilization, and communities began to implode, the few people left untouched knew it was a lie. The world changed and everyone forgot everything from before. Names, places, time… We lived apart from each other and soon, many of us were not even recognizable as human anymore. No one was interested in what happened before the world went dark, no one but him… him and me.

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