Thoughts and Ideas

Create choreography from various online videos

Video piece, wome blindfolded in costume going through their daily activities but in an empty space

Paglia the vampire slayer… put feminist in the role of herione

Writing messages on bodies

Using T shirts as "gallery"

arguing with inanimate objects and the objects argument back… movie

Create bins to add flower petals, something too, to symbolize love, how people feel about their love, their lost love their other love. He loves me he loves me not, etc, etc.

Color study. Images in roy g biv

My own language… images of the words we use in our language, words as art, declaration of independent speech and thought

WHy doesn't the art world talk about love. Why is this considered a subject less than them. Everything that is done is done because of some kind of love. Love of power, love of social change, why is the love of the body and the heart any less than that?

Various mannequins covered with different types of armor. Mommy armor- pots and pans, media image armor- body parts, emotional armor- Cotton (mummy)

what if when babies were born, a machine determined, based on it's genetics, what it would be when gown and then immediately began the training of the child in that area only. If this was the case what would become of the children who do not "fit" entirely into one and only one area. What if they didn't fit in two but were so wide spread in talent that they could not be categorized?> Would there be a special place for these children? Would they be raised "normal" or would they become some special group, elite, or would they beomce handymen.

Dueling sexes.

Dueling banjos playing over the movie. images go along wiht the song. One banjo is men one is women.

"An artificial appropriation of different styles from different eras, the hipster represents the end of Western civilization – a culture lost in the superficiality of its past and unable to create any new meaning. Not only is it unsustainable, it is suicidal. While previous youth movements have challenged the dysfunction and decadence of their elders, today we have the “hipster” – a youth subculture that mirrors the doomed shallowness of mainstream society. "
Exactly what I've been trying to say!

not mine, but mine all the same, my thoughts coming out of someone elses hand, far more poetically than I ever could have

Underwater shots… nudes underwater, half-in half-out water shots, what's in the creek shots, ocean shots… htough the ocean water here in NC isn't all that clear. Neptune, mermaid, shark boy, dark ocean. light ocean, surfing,

“The beauty of the stranger attracts while the knowledge of them repels.” That could be the title of a piece, or an essay, or a poem. It is a sentiment, clearly put, that really rings true.

Impostor syndrome project

Inanimate objects have more fun
The story of willows shirt
From creation to donation

Gotta do research to find where the fabric comes from, who sews it and stuff. What happens to it once it is done being worn by needy people… Trying to look at this from a whole, other consciouness kinda way. One thread among many, one cotton plant, one cotton pod, turned into an object that is in pieces but it also part of a whole, etc, etc. Serving a purpose, changing purposes, being destroyed, belonging to someone, being taken away… I'm thinking Stephan Myers the host meets toy story.

I think I may have an idea for the sex video work. Rather than trying to articulate what I'm saying in words, I am going to try to make a video, but I guess i still need to be able to articulate what I'm trying to say… Some reason this work makes me nervous. I don't know why. I have a vision in my head that starts with the camera walking toward and old barn with Horror movie like music in the background. create a real sense of foreboding. then once in the barn there are porn magazines and pictures of porn on the walls. THen the camera turns to me and I say something like "What are you so scared of?" I then want to have interviews with different people about sex and porn, including adults, children, professionals, right wing activists, etc, etc, all this interspliced with images from my childhood, porn images, but what exactly I'm trying to do is so unclear to me. I think that's what I'm scared of, putting all this work into the project and not being able to finish it cause I can't exactly explain what I want. I feel that's what's happening with the other work as well.

Video installation on the walls while the story is being told. Would I need 4 projectors? a rotating projector? One wall could be cartoon. THink of inside my head, television wall

In the animation have chaotic scenes in background of the real video

Video the puppets/animation with green screen, put video behind.

Where is the viewers place int he art, how do they fit, where/what so they play in the personal theory/story.

Consider 1st person shooter angle

Short Anarchist rant due to the fact that I had to sit through 20 minutes of american propapganda and just as much time listening to a christian minister preach while at work. Serperation of church and state my ass.

Right and Wrong are placed on us by societal views perpetuated by religion and government. A person whould be able to decide what their own personal views are without being influenced or coereced by outside sources. We have free will, given to us by god, nature, evolution, or whatever you choose to believe in, we are not slaves to animal instincts. That inalliable right should not be smothered by the government. kept bound long enough the free will will become a caged tiger and we will revert to our animal instncts in order to be set free.

Eyes wide shut… Dead whore? Look it up!!

Turn Posters of tjae as hooker cliche PSA in support of prostitutes.
There are just as many lawyers who are coke heads as there are hookers who are crack heads
Sex trade workers are superheros to some people
If this is what you think a hooker is, your wrong
Etc, etc,

Movies I need to watch for Film reasons
citizen kane
The man with a camera
Mon oncle d'Amérique
Out of the Past
Sherlock, Jr.
Talk to her
A touch of Zen
Umberto D
Wings of Desire
Baby face (Will also work for section on prostitutes)
Bande à part

my word art for great directors

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